Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More Rose Parade

Hybrid Tea Roses

Double Delight lives up to the name. Wonderful fragrance and incredible color. Instead of fading in sunlight like most roses, DD gets darker. This one is covered in rain drops from an afternoon shower.

Day Breaker, pink with yellow accents. Long lasting blooms both in a vase and on the bush. I've seen Day Breaker used as a hedge--breath taking.

Another Double Delight. Every bloom is different, they become more red as they are exposed to sunlight longer.

Heirloom, an oldie. Very, very fragrant and more lavender than the photo shows.

Mr. Lincoln, another oldie. One of the top reds, very fragrant.

Tiffany, another super fragrant rose. Large pink blooms with a golden heart. A prolific bloomer.

A Tiffany closeup.

Peace. Fragrant, beautiful.

An old photo of Peace bloom. The colors have faded to a cream and pale pink and yellow. Stunningly beautiful in every stage of bloom.

Another old photo. Chicago Peace--a perfect rose.

Coming soon, the shrub rose parade.