Sunday, October 5, 2008

Miscanthus sinensis

Another plant I've come to appreciate with time. I still don't care for all grasses, the upright ones leave me cold. Miscanthus has a more rounded form. The arching grasses are so graceful it's hard not to love them. My favorites are the variegated ones. In some lights they look silver. I have Variegatus (below) and Morning Light which has very thin leaves with three white pinstripes.

I tried to capture the multi-hued effect this grass creates. Notice how the leaves seem to go from white to silver to green depending on the amount of sunlight and shadow.

Grasses left standing over winter give the garden some interest and help to eleviate that barren, abandoned feeling of a completely sheared flower bed.

I haven't noticed any pests or disease on my miscanthus. It is fairly drought tolerant and performs poorly if over watered or over fed. Altogether a pretty carefree plant.