Monday, August 11, 2008


A new addition to my garden about this time last year, Volcano purple. It was quite small but blooming when I brought it home and planted it. This year it has tripled in size. It bloomed about three weeks earlier than my David and my tall pink garden phlox. I deadheaded it and now it is covering itself with bloom for the second time. Although I didn't keep a record like I should have, it bloomed for a considerably longer period than David.

Volcano is about half the height of David, approximately 18-20 inches. It is about two feet wide in its second season. In my garden there is no mildew on Volcano.
Below is a photo of David. This has been a superb bloomer in my garden. No special care or watering. No pests, no disease.
I would highly recommend both of these if you have a spot for them.
A question for other bloggers. Are you having trouble uploading photos? I'm getting really frustrated. Today 'Blogger' would not upload anything larger than 350 x 300 which is tiny. I know some of you upload large files that can be seen in their original size by clicking on them. What is the secrete?