Thursday, July 1, 2010

For most of us who are intimidated by theories of garden design,
the cottage garden provides immediate appeal, since it is a
horticultural rather than an architectural solution to a limited area.
~ Patricia Thorpe

Yesterday Tina at IN THE GARDEN mentioned how handy these blogs are for looking back at last year's photos and plant lists to help us remember what was where and what was new.

Last year I planted six new daylilies and this year, couldn't remember the names of four. Luckily, I did a post about them and so was able to look back and see what I ordered.

So far only two of my newest daylilies have bloomed. The fans were pretty small when I planted them so there aren't a lot of blooms this season, but enough to get some idea of how they look. The first is Sabine Bauer, very striking with a dark eye and well defined edging around the petals. Sabine has several awards plus I found her on a couple growers "Top Picks" list. Here is her first bloom in my garden.

Not as crazy about the second new daylily to bloom. Sixth Sense is cream and gold with a cherry eye and an unusual reddish wired edge. There's just something about this one .... the colors don't look well together. (I should have brushed off the pollen before taking the photo.) SS fades out in strong sunlight and may do better in partial shade.

This year I ordered Calico Jack a bright yellow with a plum eye and edging.
(All photos are from Gilbert Wild 's catalog where I placed my order and Stardreamer Daylilies.)

Spacecoast Scramble, sunny yellow with a heavy texture and a delicious scrambled edge.

Spiritual Corridor, lovely lavender with a lighter eye and edge. I love this one and think it will fit with almost all the colors in my garden.

I can entertain myself for hours just reading the descriptions in the daylily catalogs. Looking at some of the newer ones I could almost, almost justify spending $200.00 for one daylily.
Listen to this:

Glamoureyez "
Dramatic, gaudy, and stunning are some of the words that come to mind when you see this flower. The deepest burgundy purple fills the overpowering eye and hugely ruffled edge with a butter cream base." You can have it for $175.00

I especially like the daylilies with teeth: Twice the Bites - "
This cutting edge (no pun intended) daylily sets the new standard for doubles with teeth . This daylily has the largest teeth on a beautifully clean rose violet background, that I have yet to see. TWICE THE BITES is a complex flower with many beautiful traits such as the large green throat, excellent substance, and gold teeth everywhere." $150.00

I'm waiting for these to go on sale, but you can see them and others at the Auction.

Wishing everyone a great forth of July Weekend!