Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to June and another garden walk

More photos snapped on a June garden walk. These things caught my eye as I strolled around yards and gardens. Hope you find some of them interesting.

It's hard to see well in this first photo. The window frames are covered in ivy. I don't know how much damage this will do to the frames but it was very attractive. The purple shrub in front is a smoke tree cotinus. They seem to be gaining popularity again. Click on the photos to see the detail a little better.

Below is a chandelier and a framed print (probably taken from a dining room somewhere and now hanging outside). The wide soffet must protect them from rain. I thought barbequing under a crystal chandelier was interesting.

A cute idea. An old western boot was made into a bird house. If I was going to copy this idea, I would hang the boot under the canopy of a tree (like a maple tree). Left in the sun these decorative birdhouses get too hot inside and kill the hatchlings.

I see mailboxes in gardens everywhere. I like the idea of having extra pruners, gloves, trowels handy to each garden area. If it was mine, I would plant a vine over it. In the winter I would put peanuts on the open door for blue jays and squirrels.