Monday, September 29, 2008

Favorite plants - Sweet Autumn Clematis

No haughty sounding name for this ruggedly beautiful clematis. Sweet for the intensely sweet fragrance that fills the air all around it. Autumn because its blooms herald the first days of the fall season.

This vine does not resemble the large flowering clematis that bloom in the late spring and early summer. Sweet autumn is a large vine, easily reaching 20-feet, usually more. The flowers are small, but there are hundreds. To me the real difference lies in the fragrance; sweet and strong it can fill the yard on a warm evening.

SAC is especially lovely n the twilight when each bloom shimmers like a tiny star amongst the dark leaves.

My father's SAC grows up some light wires, covers his field stone chimney, and spills onto the roof. SAC twines so there is no damage to walls and bricks like there is with ivy.

A great choice to soften the hard lines of buildings and fences. It creates an informal look perfect for cottage and country gardens. SAC requires no maintenance other than the occasional tuck or tie to keep stems contained and an early spring cut back. I have never seen disease or insect damage on this vine.
Please do leave the SAC standing until early spring. Small birds love to shelter from the bitter weather in the dense foliage which clings all winger long.


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