Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Of butterflies, beads and busses

I have been sharing the garden with this Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly since early August. He must have sustained sever damage fairly early in his life. You would be amazed at how well he flies considering the amount of wing he has lost.

Now in mid September, his color has faded to dull brown with cream and the edges of his wings are tattered. Still he continues to visit the Volcano Phlox everyday.

A black swallowtail is another visitor to the pink Volcano phlox. This phlox has turned out to be the hands down favorite of swallowtail butterflies for the last three years.

Another interesting note, hummingbirds prefer the species tall garden phlox to any of the hybrids.

Jewelry Making

a new hobby

Went to my first jewelry making class last Saturday. I love polished stones and wanted to make something casual to wear this fall with denim jackets and jeans. I chose turquoise colored stones and silver beads for my first necklace.

Also attending the class was a music teacher who wanted earrings to go with each of her outfits and two young ladies who made bracelets of glass beads.

I ended up making a bracelet of translucent stones and silver beads in addition to the necklace.

Taking photos of jewelry is more difficult than expected. To get good shots without a lot of indoor lightening equipment, I will need to set up a display area outside. Much more work is needed to improve my skills.

"Move That Bus"

We had celebrities in our area last week. The team from
Extreme Makeover: Home Addition

were here helping the Scott family whose home burned several months ago. The Scotts had recently moved to Lena, Illinois to become organic farmers.

(Rockford Register Star Photo)

The new home, built by volunteers from recycled materials, is a classic farmhouse design with yellow trim and shutters. It also has a few 'green' features like a three-kilowatt windmill for electrical supply, a geothermal heating/hot water system, and a rain water collection system.

Actor David Duchovny, former X-file star, was here Wednesday promoting the eco-friendly additions.

(Rockford Register Star Photo)

The build went very well and the house was finished in record time. Several thousand locals showed up at the finish to shout "move that bus".

(Rockford Register Star Photo)

Date and time for this episode is not yet scheduled but it will probably air in December. Without a doubt, this program has brought a lot of joy to many families down on their luck.