Monday, July 12, 2010

Everything looks better with moonbeams

A good friend gets up with you at 6am and follows you out to the garden just to keep you company.

Everything looks better with moonbeams.

One of my favorite garden plants is Moonbeam coreopsis. I like its short height and long blooming period to cover bare spots and hide the ugly ankles of taller plants. It blooms over such a long period that it can be counted on to keep the garden interesting while other plants come into and go out of bloom.

Don't know what's up with this aster. Last year it bloomed in September.

Thank goodness for telephoto lenses! Who would want to get down eye to eye with this fellow to get a good closeup.

Yesterday one of his tiny relatives jumped under my foot as I steped down onto the walkway and I almost lost my balance trying to avoid stepping on him. I won't claim to like toads but I'm trying hard to tolerate them because they're good little organic bug catchers.

This monarch butterfly's wings are showing her age. Hopefully she left some eggs on my butterfly weed.