Friday, February 6, 2009

Indulge your cat

First I'd like to apologize. This time of the year is a busy one for accountants and I'm finding it hard to visit my favorite blogs everyday. Things will slow down soon ( I hope) and I will be back on schedule.

Miserable weather here. Not much to photograph and share with everyone. You all know animals are my first passion. I visited a local small business that manufactures cat trees. After looking at his, I spent a few minutes online with google and discovered that there are some very unique examples available. Some would surely make your cat believe he's been transported back to the jungles;)

Available in Woodstock, Illinois from Cat Tree Kingdom:

What cat wouldn't love these?

Kittens would go crazy on this tree from Great Lakes Cat Furniture in Grand Rapids.

Take a look at this jungle room from Cloud 9

This is a comfy looking tree from Hidden Hollow.

(All photos courtesy of the linked websites)

I could go on but it may be boring some of you. Anyway, I wanted to give you all plenty of time to save up your dollars--one of these would make a great Christmas gift for your own kitty;)