Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Then and now plus Wildlife News from Miss B

These lovely blooms are already fallen. There was such an abundance of flowers in May that I couldn't squeeze them all into my twice weekly blog schedule. Still, I could not completely ignore the beauty of the crabapple blossoms. They deserve mention and a photo or two. They bloomed a week or two before the lilacs this year and like the lilacs their time is very brief. Neither the lilacs nor the crabapples have much to recommend them during the 51 weeks of the year when they aren't blooming. We gardeners put up with straggly bushes and problematic trees for just that one glorious week that makes them worthwhile.

These garish tulips are still blooming. It's been a very cool and rainy spring and my bulbs have bloomed for weeks. Nepata is beginning to flower in the background.

A very late blooming daffodil.

This delicate geranium is restful after the hot reds and yellows of the late blooming bulbs. The name geranium is from the Greek geranos (crane) that referred to the long crane-like beak of the seed pod. Some are called bloody cranesbills because the foliage turns bright red in autumn.

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Wildlife rumors by Miss B

This story just in from our intrepid gossip columnist Miss B.

Mrs Rose Breasted Grosbeak has been seen at a trendy, upscale restaurant dining with the handsome Indigo Bunting. Neither Rose nor Indigo would give our reporter a comment.

Later that evening Mr. Rose Breasted Grosbeak was seen dining at the same restaurant--alone. Are the Grosbeaks calling it quits? Has Rose really dumped Mr G and run off with the handsome Indigo? A spokesman for Mr. Grosbeak denies these rumors saying the three are just very good friends. Our reporter Miss B will have updates as more news breaks.

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