Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This is a home from a June garden walk. I try to snap photos of elements that are unusual or interesting. With the exception of the Khlem gardens (which I will show in a future post), all garden walk yards are designed maintained by the homeowners.

A tiny bungalow with only a retaining wall and porch in front. The backyard was postage stamp size, about 20 x 30. Not really much in the way of plantings but a pleasant area with some ideas for creating outdoor living space.

Creeping Jenny trails over the retaining wall. A few flower accents and some metal artwork adds and interesting element to the wall. Shrubs are all pruned up to better show the plants beneath.

A brightly colored deck attached to the house holds some art, stuffed flamingos and an assortment of chairs and tables.

A mustard colored fence and bright stepping blocks accent the tiny lawn and a few plants.

Trellises frame the seating area and a painting hangs on the fence. Planters dot the patio and odds and ends are are positioned in any available space.

This is the garage door.

One wall of the garage is a startling blue with metal artwork accents. The stock tank is painted a bright copper and the hydrangeas are artificial.

More artwork hangs on the house’s rear wall. The woman in the white hat is the owner/artist.

A dead tree brightly painted to give it a few more years of usefulness.

A hanging swing becomes a planter.

The driveway, colorful sidewalk and boxed trees.