Thursday, May 28, 2015

When pigs fly. They’ll swing their legs lazily, propelling through the clouds. Some will dive like portly swans, rejoicing in their lightness; some will somersault like silly circus performers. When pigs fly. ~ Jeni Bell

Who knew there were dozens of poems about flying pigs?  It surprised and alarmed me.  Wonder why so many of us are thinking about flying pigs.  Way too much time on our hands.

However pigs decide to fly,
as long as they are way up high
and busy buzzing all around
instead of grunting on the ground,
I think it's safe to say I'll love
to see them soaring up above.
I'm sure I won't be shocked or shaken.
Still, I'll prob'ly miss the bacon.

~  Ken Nesbitt

and i suppose
they will have wings
like chicken feathers 
to carry them over their
rotting-wood fences and lift them
into cotton-soft clouds.
and there will be an exodus from the 
farms, over hills and across rivers,
and we will shout as they alight
on our chimneys and desks.
~  Ari Shine, Norcross, GA

Spent a day at the Pec Thing, a wonderful outdoor flea market that features a lot of garden art.  Love my garden art pig and wish I would have brought home the rooster, the kitty and maybe a cow or dog.  

Bird Related

The front door of the Wren family's shabby chic mansion.

Redwing visiting the feeders.


It's been so cold I have been carrying my annuals in and out of the garage every night. Hopefully we are past overnight frosts, so now it's time to get my big pots of annuals planted.  Here are some of the annuals I've chosen to use this summer.  Now I just have to find the right combinations.

Love the calibrachoas in a hanging basket purchased already made up.

 Zinnias are the center flower in two of my large pots.  Gotta love 'em, they bloom tirelessly all summer.  I have a yellow one too but it's a little under the weather today so I'll show it in a few weeks.  

The above petunia is my favorite and it shows up in several pots and in the garden.  

Nicotiana,and verbena are waiting to fill empty spots.


This variegated sedum behaves oddly in my garden.  It doesn't expand from its original size many years ago.  Usually plants expand or die, this does neither.