Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More June Garden Walk

Another 6-inches of snow is falling as I type. A brutal Alberta Clipper is scheduled for tonight. 30+ mph winds and temperatures down to -20 F. My county has decided that more salt isn't in the budget so the roads are treacherous. Cars in ditches, cars in accidents. This winter just gets better and better;)

For a few moments, I'm not thinking about winter. I'm looking at garden walk photos taken last June. A sunny day, temperatures in the upper 70's, and interesting things to see in the garden.

This gardener planted a parking meter in a narrow border between walkway and drive. Cute idea.

One of the gardeners was creative with metals. This bulldog is made from junkyard scraps. A jug of sidewalk chalk waits for a child's art project or a game of hopscotch.

This gardener was also a railroad buff. Two trains chug among the perennials passing towns and farms and crossing bridges. I must have spent and enjoyable 45-minutes walking around this railroad garden.

An old milk can and a tractor seat set among the hosta.