Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The February 2011 Blizzard

40 mph winds pushing snow into 5-foot drifts across roadsways.

Off work today. Enjoying (and I'm using that term in a humorous way) the effects of the fourth worst blizzard in this county's recorded history. Luckily I wasn't around for the first three.

A weather emergency has been declared. Police are asking everyone to stay off the streets. The snowplows are clearing the roadways but the 40mph winds are driving the snow back onto cleared roads very quickly. Hundreds of motorists were stranded in snow drifts overnight, many had to be rescued with snow mobiles. Neighboring Boone County, which is very rural, has closed its roads. Anyone driving in Boone County will be issued a $200 ticket. Sounds harsh but the police just don't have the resources to rescue any more drivers stuck in drifts. Tow trucks are out pulling abandoned vehicles out of ditches and taking them to Woodman's parking lot to be picked up later by the owners.

Tonight the temperatures will be dropping to 10 degrees below zero. Things can't get much worse--I hope.

Trucks are loaded with salt and sand and ready to go.

As soon as it was light enough to see, I ventured out to feed the birds. The weatherman wasn't kidding when he said there were 5-foot drifts out there. Two feet of snow piled against my back door made it a challenge open.

Had to push Aggie out the door, she wasn't going out there if she could help it. Now she is watching me with huge, accusing eyes, afraid I'll make her go outside again. I'll let Toby out in a little while. He will love it. Wish I had Toby's outlook on life. He sees every day as a gift and finds fun in every situation.

Later today or tomorrow, Mark from the shop will come and plow me out. Meanwhile, I'm stocked up on comfort food and good books. Maybe a nap this afternoon...