Monday, August 18, 2008


Some photos from earlier this summer.
Comtesse De Bouchaude covers a corner of my garage. This clematis is a strong grower for me. It repeats, but only very slightly.
I'm afraid I don't know the names of the two blues. Neither has as many flowers as the Comtesse but they are such a lovely shade of blue. They produce an occasional flower here and there after their big June flush. I love the silvery blue on this one. I would like to add a few more next spring.
I had hoped to add photos of my Sweet Autumn clematis. Unfortunately, it looks like I may be losing it this year. It self seeded in an unfortunate place--a crack between the garage and the sidewalk. I imagine it has depleted the soil under the walkway. I hate to lose it. In late summer it transforms into a fairytail vine covered with small white stars and a heavenly scent that hangs in the air on warm evenings.