Monday, April 13, 2009

Dancing with the dogs

My sister called me Friday with a sad story. An acquaintance of hers had died and left Cloe, his German Shepherd homeless. A local shelter had the dog temporarily. Would I take her?

I certainly would have loved to. She is a handsome animal. I called the shelter and talked with them about her.

"How is she with cats?" was one of my first questions.

Long pause. "She is good with other dogs but aggressive toward cats," was the answer.

It wasn't meant to be. If I wasn't away all day every day, we could have worked through her problem with cats. With me gone so much, a large aggressive dog simply could not be trusted not to somehow hurt a kitty.

I called the shelter today and she has a home, I hope it's a good one.


While we're on the subject of dogs... This is a You Tube clip from the British talent search program, Britain's Got Talent. Dog Geek, this BC looks like your B all grown up.

See what wonderful dogs Border Collies can be when they are not bent on destruction. Really, if you have a Border Collie you must have an endless amount of time to devote to them. They just don't do well left to their own devices but they do amazingly well when they have a lot of supervision.

Enjoy the dance;)