Monday, January 18, 2016

Reviewing the novel "Ghostman" by Roger Hobbs

Who do you call when your brilliantly planned casino robbery falls apart and no one knows where the stolen money went.

The Ghostman is a fixer, a cleaner, living off the grid with dozens of false identities and a flair for disguise.  When criminals make a mess, they call the Ghostman to clean it up. 

A Seattle crime boss has set up a spectacular, million-plus dollar casino heist.  His men rob the armored vehicle as it delivers the money to the casino’s back door.  The robbers transfer the money to their own vehicle, but before they can make their escape, a sniper ambushes them from the shadows of the casino parking ramp.  One of the badly wounded robbers manages to escape in a badly wounded automobile but he doesn’t drive to the agreed upon hideout and he doesn’t phone the crime boss for help.  The money and the robber are in the wind and the Ghostman has 36-hours to find them.

Reviewers of Ghostman by Roger Hobbs have compared the book to the novels of Lee Child.  Personally I see very little similarity to Child’s Jack Reacher novels.   This book reminds me a little of another fast paced thriller I read several years ago, The Bricklayer   by Noah Boyd. 

Halfway through the book and enjoying it very much.  There is some (not a lot) of graphic violence but I just skip over any gory parts.  The temperature here this morning was minus 4 degrees.  A hot cup of Constant Comment tea, a fresh muffin and a thriller novel is the perfect way to wait out the bitter weather.