Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boltonia "Jim Crockett"

This little plant deserves two thumbs up. A non stop bloomer starting with a small show in July and now completely covered with little lavender daisies.

Don't be alarmed if the word boltonia conjures up images of a floppy shrub-like monster sprawling all over everything with 10 feet of it. This is the new and improved boltonia. Jim Crockett will remain under three feet tall. Mine was a foot tall and wide when I planted it and has increased to two feet tall and three feet wide.

No sign of mildew and it is drought tolerant. I planted one in very sharp drainage and the other in clay with only six hours of sun. We will see next year how they adapt to their new home. No pests but the tiny predatory wasps and flies like it as does the Pearl Crescent butterfly.

I'm very happy with this late season bloomer and recommend it to anyone in zones 5-8. Be sure to give it a site with good drainage if possible.

You sometimes find good plants in odd places. Mine were discovered in K-Mart/Sears garden center for a reasonable price. Haven't seen them anywhere else this year.

Have a great weekend everyone.