Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Walking on the wild side

We three went walking in the afternoon, the woman, Aggie the border collie and me, Toby the Tabby. We poke along and the woman takes pictures of flowers. A slow walk with lots of stopping and detouring off into the fields. This is the very best way to walk. Cats hate power walking.
The sun is low and my shadow stretches out in front of me.
We find white flowers twining along the lane.
As the lane begins to dip we stop to look at the graceful branches outlined in bright gold.
I rest a while and scratch my back on the bumpy pavement. Prrrrr, feels good.

A little farther on we find patches of wild sunflower reflecting back the remaining minutes of sunlight.
I show them the big puddle, dry now because no rain has fallen in all the month of August. Many tracks in the dried mud, deer, coyotes, raccoon, and mine. While it still held water, it was exciting to visit late at night.
We come upon a field of Queen Ann's lace as the sunlight fades. As the woman takes pictures, Aggie and I search for field mice.
We come home at twilight.

Aggie has some burs that have to be brushed out. Ouch, she says it hurts. Weeds don't stick to me;)