Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shade garden

I've been saving photos from my June garden walks to use on days like this--dreary, cold and colorless. This isn't my garden, altho I wish it was.

This back yard garden was all open shade. The first thing that I noticed when I rounded the corner at the rear of the property was the heavenly scent. Four huge clumps of white astilbe perfumed the garden (somehow I didn't get a photo of them). Who knew astilbe were so fragrant?

Answering some questions on previous postings.
The wild berries below belong to the
Smilax lasioneura
Carrion Flower Vine
which is not common in this area.

The deer in the previous post are fallow deer and are approx 30-39 inches tall at the shoulder. These are probably native to Europe altho I was not able to identify the exact variety and the origin.


Carol said...

What a lovely shade garden Marnie! Everyone looks so happy and healthy! Is that a bird sticking out of your ferns... some clever garden feature? I love the Japanese painted ferns. Beautiful photos all. Carol

rosey said...

It is pretty as can be! I love Hostas! Interesting fallow deer!

Dawn said...

I'm with Rosey, I love all the hosta, so wonderful to see on the frosty morning.
I'm also thinking those lovely swimming birds are canadian geese, beautiful when the flock and honk all together!

missbreezysbox said...

Hi Marnie-The pictures remind me Oregon. I want to visit so bad-maybe live there in summertime instead of Vegas. There is a habitat, man made in Summerlin here that has all kinds of birds- we gave the black swans a bite to eat. They were gorgeous and so lovely to listen too.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hey Marnie, This shade garden is great. I don't think you can go wrong with hostas and ferns. I haven't noticed any smelly astilbes in my garden. Mine are mostly pink and red though. I will look into the white ones for fragrance. They sound marvelous.

I wonder if the deer were brought in for hunting by someone or if they are no longer wanted pets. Sad to see them released into the wild. We will probably be reading about them in the future as beasts ruining our natural habitat.

Cheers on this gloomy ole day. Lisa

tina said...

Please, please, please put me on the list as the first to get an exact photocopy of this garden in my garden when the technology becomes available? It is the kind of garden I so love!

tina said...

P.S. the bird head in the fern is an excellent touch!

Cheryl said...

Hi Marnie......what a beautiful shade garden. I love fern and hostas together, they really do compliment each other...

It is often said that gardeners do not know what to do with a shady area....the owners of this plot certainly do.

Rose said...

I didn't know that astilbe were fragrant either. But how would I know--I always manage to kill them. I agree this is a good time to sort through images from the summer or spring; it's so gray and gloomy here, too, and the ground is a soggy mess. Certainly nothing picture-worthy right now at my house. Just as well--I have lots of housecleaning to do before Thanksgiving!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Marnie, The Shade Garden is gorgeous. I love ferns and hostas...

Thanks for the info on those fallow deer. I had never seen ones that looked like that before (except in pictures).


troutbirder said...

Fragramt astible is also a new one for me. Paths in shady garden? I love it.

Kathleen said...

Oh Marnie. This is a most luscious shade garden. All the plants look so healthy and like they are obtaining optimal growth. The little areas of shade I have look nothing like this. It's fabulous, no wonder you photographed it. I never knew Astilbes had a fragrance either. I don't have any experience growing them but when I pass them at the greenhouses, I haven't noticed a scent.
First time for me seeing those deer and what a great berry head on the vine.

sweetbay said...

That's a lovely shade garden Marnie. I love the different sizes and colors of the Hosta contrasting with the different ferns. I had no idea Astilbe could be so fragrant -- I wonder which one it was.

Balisha said...

Lovely shade garden...I didn't know that Astilbe had a fragrance. I learned something again from you. Thanks, Balisha

beckie said...

Marnie, the garden is beautiful! I wish it were mine also. :) Although, I don't have a lot of shade. I, too, love the bird head in the fern-it looks like a peacock to me with the ferns as it's feathers.

Gloomy is right! Come on sun and 'dry up all the rain', to quote a children's song.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Susie said...

Marnie your shade garden is amazing! Love those hostas and ferns.

I don't remember Astilbe having a fragrance either.

BeadedTail said...

What a pretty garden! We have an area that is shaded and in desperate need of new plants. Now I have lots of ideas!

Thanks for finding out what the mystery deer were!

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Hi Marnie, Hostas aren't a personal must-have, but I love the first photos--really nice and the walkway really fits the scene. I've been saving all my photos from MOBOT to use in winter (we're like squirrels, saving things up, LOL!).

walk2write said...

Does the carrion flower stink? Fragrant astilbe is a surprise. My dad used to grow some beautiful ones but definitely none that smelled great or smelled like anything for that matter. These are cheery pics for sure.

Gail said...

Marnie, I think that hostas look great massed like you've shown especially with ferns and astilbe....What an odd name for a plant~~carrion flower! It does make you wonder what pollinators it attracts! gail

Gayle said...

Gardens come in many different forms, I love this shaded one.

marmee said...

that is a wonderful shade garden you are sharing marnie. very inspiring.
happy november.

Anonymous said...

Shade gardens are so foreign to me, since my yard is so very sunny. My small little shady area in front doesn't come close that beauty! My hostas always look terrible. I'm supposed to love them like gardeners do, but I don't really. Shhh, don't tell!

joey said...

Aw, Marnie, a stunning shade garden, all my favorites. It's amazing what happens to the garden in 6 months ... only 6 months to go ... yea!

ShySongbird said...

It is just as dreary here Marnie with no opportunity for photographs, at this rate I will soon be posting on what I had for dinner! ;)

I really loved seeing the shade garden, I have a shaded area where nothing will grow well, even ferns gave up in disgust!

Lovely photos again and I hope you get some brighter days soon...have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

Pat said...

Wow,huge hostas!
Missing the peace of mind while spending time in the garden.

Kerri said...

That's a gorgeous shade garden. I love all the different hostas combined with the ferns.
I didn't know Astilbe was fragrant!
I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving, Marnie. We enjoyed the a houseful of family and friends, and the food was delicious.

Barbee' said...

That certainly is a lovely shade garden. Thank you for sharing your nice photos. I didn't know astilbe is fragrant, either. Wish I knew which variety that was, I'm thinking of planting some white ones. Also, want to say that I very much like your header photo. As the kids say: it is neat!

Susan said...

Your photography skills are awesome. I try always to improve my photography skills!

Thanks for stopping by my blog...and if you EVER have a scrapping question, just let me know. I've been scrapping for almost 10 years now. The most important thing to remember is that there is no "wrong" way to scrap as long as it's archivally safe to protect your photos.

Really...if you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask me!

You have such beautiful photos on your blog...I can just imagine the scrapbook pages you could do!

Thanks again!

Susan Goetter

oldcrow61 said...

I was reading only recently that astilbes were fragrant. I really must invest in some as I do have some semi shady areas. That garden is lovely.

Anonymous said...

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