Saturday, July 5, 2014

 Islands of trees amid a sea of corn. 

So simple, so lovely, yet the dreaded enemy of gardeners and farmers.

The dogs and I walked the length of our lane today.  A lovely day after a month of almost daily rain.  Everything is amazingly green.  Ireland, step aside, nothing is greener than spring time Illinois after a prolonged rainy season.  

This little wren chose the bird house right outside the dining room door.  How can such a tiny bird have such a big voice.  He sings all day long with very brief spells of quiet while he grabs a bug for the family.  

Cedar waxwings,  juvenile robins, and a catbird spent the day stripping the ripe fruit off my  amelanchier. 


Photography classes San Francisco said...

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Infoholic Research said...

The birds in the pictures are amazing.

Patsi said...

All so lovely.

Sammy's mom said...

So glad to see you posting again. I'm a fellow bird, flower, animal, nature lover. I hate seeing all the fences down. Was in Peoria yesterday and took the long way home. I thought I'm driving straight up America's breadbasket. All the green was beautiful but I was looking for fences myself and don't think I saw a one. Sounds like you have a lovely wren!

troutbirder said...

Hmmm. Somehow I miss that you had posted again. Very good. And its been cool, wet, and very green this summer here as well in Bluff Country...;)