Saturday, July 11, 2015

“The rain to the wind said, You push and I'll pelt.' They so smote the garden bed That the flowers actually knelt, And lay lodged--though not dead. I know how the flowers felt.” ― Robert Frost

Storm clouds hanging low over the bean field east of the house.  

The lawn isn't getting mowed again today.  The rain has forced the dogs and I inside.    We venture outside from time to time to take some photos but the mosquitoes chase us back indoors.  

Deet is my new cologne but still the mosquitoes find an unsprayed spot the size of a pin head and bite me.  I have four types of anti itch lotion on the bedside table--none work especially well.  

I am a prisoner inside until we get a windy day.  Mosquitoes are mostly helpless in the wind.

This is a very old purple clematis that has been blooming for several weeks.  

A red clematis climbs up the bird feeder post and almost hides the wren house.

Yarrow added this spring has been blooming since the first of May.  I love hard working plants like this.

The ferns love this rain.  The north yard looks like a tropical jungle.  I know, this is the mosquito coast but I love ferns.

My go to tall filler plant.  They never stop blooming and their wiry stems shrug off drought, too much rain, wind and even german shepherds crashing over them.

Sun on these seed pods make them appear gilded.  

Added two Endless Summer hydrangea this year.  Both were  treated to appear blue or pink.  So far they have been very busy forming new flowers clusters.  A hopeful sign.  

Kitten: small homicidal muffin on legs; affects human sensibilities to the point of endowing the most wanton and ruthless acts of destruction with near-mythical overtones of cuteness.

"This is the box the food and treats come in."

"I'll unpack it 'cause there is always something for me inside."

"Found a jingle ball.  This is mine." 


The daylilies are blooming outside.  Desperately need to get out to take some new garden photos but reluctant to lose any more blood or get anymore itchy welts.


Rambling Woods said...

Same issue here..... Nasty buggy and wet. I enjoyed your photos!... Michelle

Jennifer said...

We have lots of mosquitoes as well. I use a lotion, so I can better tell which areas of my body are covered (Skintastic). The only thing I find is the repellent burns after a time, so I wash it off when I come in. I am thinking of trying out one of those netted jackets to see if that helps. Hope you get a break from the rain! Western Canada could sure use a little of that rain.
P.S. The kitten is adorable!

Indie said...

Love the mosquito sign, but oh my, I feel for your misery! When I was a kid we used to live in Alaska, where we all joked that the mosquito was the Alaskan state bird. Thankfully in my current area, even though there are a lot of wetlands, all the dragonflies seem to keep the population somewhat manageable. Yay for hardworking plants that don't require any coddling on our part! I love the little kitten - its coloring looks just like one of ours did when she was a kitten!

BeadedTail said...

No rain or mosquitoes here but we could use some rain - no mosquitoes though! Our ferns are wondering what the heck happened since this has been a super dry year for Oregon. The kitten is adorable! We love Chewy boxes here too!

Lowcarb team member said...

Sorry to read about your mosquito's ... I would be inclined to stay inside !

Love your old purple clematis, it's a lovely shade - so to is the hydrangea.

Your cat pictures are so cute - thanks for sharing.

Do hope you have a good week and the mosquito's disappear soon.

Take Care

All the best Jan

tina said...

Love that clematis! Mosquitoes sure can make outside trips uncomfortable, I sympathize. Cute kitty!

Anita Johnson said...

Your garden is just beautiful...I need to add some new varieties to my mix. It seems over the years some of my favorites have disappeared.. I guess they didn't do well in my soil. I love the tomato quote by John Denver and that mosquito road sign couldn't be more true. We have had weird weather this summer. Much cooler and rainy. Looks like a warmer weekend, I hope so!