Saturday, August 22, 2015

The roadside flowers, too wet for the bee, Expend their bloom in vain. Come over the hills and far with me, And be my love in the rain. ~ Robert Frost

Finally seeing some bumble bees, mostly on the Walkers Low, coneflowers, and the May Night. The record rainfalls that we had in April, May and June are no doubt partially responsible for the delay in establishing their numbers.   I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of honey bees I've seen this year and that is very troubling.  

The butterflies don't do well in excessive rain either.  Finally seeing a few in the garden now.  This Monarch was looking for a place to lay some eggs.  It was exploring the lower branches of the milk weeds before finally going to the blooms.

Still on the subject of insects, can anyone help me identify the bugs on this milkweed?  They look like huge, black mosquitoes.  They don't seem interested in biting me but I hate seeing them on my lovely milkweed bloom.  What are they? 

Apparently Japanese beetles don't like water logged soil.  The blooms on my roses are always totally destroyed by the beetles beginning July 1. This year very few beetles (so far).  My Country Dancer is producing flush after flush of cotton candy pink blooms.  

I wish I knew a little about daylily breeding.  I've  bought many daylilies since moving here but the one below I did not buy and have never seen before.  It's kind of pretty with its muted wine colored petals and edges fading out to pure white.  It's a late bloomer and  appeared for the first time this year. I'm wondering if this one is a cross between two of the daylilies I purchased.   I have many varieties planted in a big communal area.   I know a few seeds are produced every year but have no idea of the likelihood of the seeds sprouting without human help.  

Foxy enjoying a roll in the cool grass.


tina said...

Those are interesting bugs on your milkweed. I wish I could help you identify them. Beautiful daylily and very unique. We've had lots of rain here too for a summer and its been great for all here including the gardener:) Hopefully your pollinator numbers will pick up soon.

Indie said...

I haven't seen very many honeybees this year either, but I've seen a lot of bumblebees, which I'm happy about (better the native bees than the non-natives anyway). That's great you are seeing monarchs! I have yet to see a monarch here, though I think we're somewhat on the edge of their flight path. I wish I could help you with the bugs on the milkweed, but I've never seen those before. Beautiful daylily! It would be exciting if you had a brand new cross!

Lowcarb team member said...

The blooms on your roses are lovely and what a gorgeous colour.

It is worrying that bees are on the decline, I know many world-wide agencies are looking at this problem.

Love the picture of that Monarch ... and foxy enjoying a roll!

Hope you have a good week ahead.

All the best Jan

Garden Fancy said...

Lots of rain, huh? Not here -- that's strange, since I'm only a few hours west of you. We've had tons of butterflies and bees (and wasps too -- nasty buggers!). Thanks for sharing your very pretty flowers and gardens, and rolling dog photo! :-) -Beth

Rose said...

It seems like the bees were slow to arrive here, too, this year, but I'm finally seeing a lot of them in my garden. Great photos of the Monarch! I've followed one around several time, but they refuse to let me photograph them:) Such a pretty daylily! Our little group had a great time in Rockford a week ago, though I think we picked the hottest day of the year. We're already talking about getting together again next year, maybe in Madison, WI--hope you can join us then!

Rose said...

I read your post the other day, but I think I was interrupted before I could leave a comment. If I've already commented, sorry:) Great photos of the Monarch! I've been following them around here, but so far no luck in getting a photo. I'm seeing a lot of bees, though, in my garden, which I'm glad about, because earlier this spring there weren't nearly as many. Perhaps you're right that they don't like the rain. I wish I could identify all my lilies, too. I'm pretty good about marking any new ones I buy, but I've gotten several from friends in recent years and forget to mark them. The result is a lot of mystery lilies!

Rambling Woods said...

Glad you are seeing some butterflies and bees. I tried to find out what those bugs are on your milkweed as it seems like a swarm... So not a crane fly..... Not a midge.... I will keep looking.... Michelle

Lowcarb team member said...

Hope all is well.
Happy September Wishes.

All the best Jan

Lowcarb team member said...

Do hope September has started well for you ... and all is well.

All the best Jan

Jennifer said...

I haven't noted fewer bees, but am grateful to have likewise noted less dreaded Japanese Beetles. Sorry I am not sure what is on your milkweed. I haven't noted any such insect problem. I love the daylily and haven't seen anything like it. Perhaps it is a cross.

troutbirder said...

I interesting post. Thanks! :)

Pat said...

Hello stranger. Trying to blog a little again and see who's active in the garden world. Nice to see you're still around and taking beautiful pics. Some people no longer blog and I didn't for 2 years and rarely visited anyone. I guess some things get old or life just changes. Anyway just wanted to stop by and say hi.