Monday, March 7, 2016

In Search of Spring

Last week Tempest and I spent a lot of time wondering around looking for signs of spring.

Patches of snow in shady places.

Love this natural bench.  I wish I would have worked with my trees when I moved here.  Interesting things like this are pretty easy to create.

Pine cones.

Last spring's bird nest.

More pine cones.

 These magnolia buds reminded me of pussy willows.

  Tempest posing on an exposed rock.

Tempest doing an impression of a pointer.

Spruce cones.

The sun has moved far enough north to give me sunsets right outside my windows.  This one looks like a forest fire. 


Lowcarb team member said...

It was great to see your comment on the low carb diabetic blog, because I was wondering if everything was/is OK.
You've been in hibernation LOL!

The photo's you have shared here are lovely - every one of them, but that sunset is amazing - what colour.

Happy March

All the best Jan

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Thanks for taking us on your search for spring.

Rose said...

Spring can't be long now! I enjoy looking for signs of spring this time of year, too, and it looks like Tempest enjoyed the search as well. Gorgeous photo of the sunset!

Pat said...

Pretty pretty pictures. Tempest is doing her job...making sure there are no unwanted visitors. No snow here we hit 68 degrees today...lots of early bloomers (not good).

Rambling Woods said...

We are moving toward Spring Marna... Hello Tempest..

troutbirder said...

Gorgeous photographs of a neat hike.
And Lily says woof woof (Hi!) to Tempest...:)